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# VX Manager Update History Log

## 2019.04.28 V1.5.0 Build 0428
* 优化 DoIP 和 VCI 固件升级统一, 新固件可用时自动提示升级.
* 优化 客户端与服务器网络连接稳定性, 提升连接速度.
* 优化 车辆诊断驱动安装界面更新, 修复异常情况下多处错误.
* 优化 重启设备时同时重启 VCI 和 DoIP 系统.
* 优化 设备正在诊断时, 管理工具可正常打开不影响设备使用.
* 新增 错误报告, 可上传错误日志到服务器.
* 更新 SDK V1.6.5.0, 修复以下问题:
- 设备配置为自动连接时可能在特殊环境下连接VCI失败(WIN7 64bit 内存过低).
- 设备测车时诊断程序异常关闭, 再次连接VCI可能失败.
- 增加设备占用状态检测.
* Optimize DoIP & VCI firmware update combine, automatically upgrade when new firmware is available.
* Optimize client-server network connection and improve connection speed.
* Optimize vehicle diagnostics app installation/update errors.
* Optimize Restart VCI and DoIP systems simultaneously when rebooting the device.
* Optimize The Manager can open device without affecting When the device is using by diagnose.
* Add Error report to upload error log to server.
* Update SDK V1.6.5.0, fix the following issues:
- Automatically connecting devices may fail in special environment(WIN7 64Bit with low memory).
- After diagnosis application crash, then connect VCI may fail.
- Add device using status detect.

## 2017.09.27 V1.4.2 Build 0927
1. 新增设备通信接口自动扫描功能(VCXSDK-V1.6.0.0)
2. 新增 DoIP 扩展设备信息显示
3. 整合 DoIP 更新工具
4. 整合 DoIP 开关工具并更新支持路虎VIN发现
1. Add device interface AUTO detect.
2. Add DoIP Expasion device information.
3. Add DoIP Update tool.
4. Add DoIP Switch tool and support JLR VIN discovery.